Signs a Cancer Man Loves You! How to Know What He’s Feeling

signs a Cancer man loves youIf there’s one zodiac sign that’s hard to read, it definitely has to be the Cancer. In particular, the Cancer male is a mystery unto himself and any woman who is trying to get close to him knows exactly what I’m talking about. These men tend to hold onto their emotions with a firm vice grip. They aren’t quick to tell you they love you so you’re left to wander through the maze that is their emotions trying to determine exactly where you fit in to their life, and their world. Fortunately, there are a few key signs that are always present when a Cancer man has taken the plunge and fallen in love. Recognizing those signs can bring the comfort you need in knowing that the man you absolutely love and adore feels exactly the same way about you.

Has the Cancer man in your life introduced you to his family yet? Cancer men tend to be very family focused and have a sincere deep rooted appreciation for those who are closest to them, especially their mother. If your guy has made the move to ensure that you’ve met and are spending time with his mother, you know that his feelings definitely have taken a turn in the direction of serious and commitment.

Another clear sign that he’s invested in you on an emotional level is that he’s starting opening up to you about who he really is. Cancer men are very crafty at keeping most people at arm’s length. They can make you feel very comfortable and at ease, while ensuring you don’t get too close to them. You likely won’t even realize this is happening so it’s important to be aware of when a shift occurs. If he talks about his life in terms of close friends, his job and his dreams, that means he trusts you and that’s a very good sign that he views you as a potential, long-term partner.

Men born under this sign can tend to be very serious. You may have noticed that initially upon meeting him. It can be a bit daunting get a Cancer man to open upor intimidating if he never seems to crack a smile, but he will as soon as he begins to feel at ease with you. I often tell women who are interested in these men to breathe a sigh of relief when he first cracks a joke with them. That signals that there’s been a definite shift in how he views you. It may seem insignificant but it actually holds a lot of meaning.

Although you may be longing to hear him tell you he utterly adores you, remember that it’s important to pace yourself within the relationship. There’s no rush to the finish line. You have to enjoy the journey of getting to know one another. Don’t try and get him to commit to saying he loves you before he’s ready. The words will come when he wants and needs them to. Until then keep a close eye on his behavior and you’ll soon start to see the signs that he’s falling as deeply in love with you as you are with him.

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